The Beginning

Moving forward with Aurelie Esther   December 13th, 2020 is the date to remember. That was the day I specifically made the choice to pursue van life. No holding back. Or at least that's what I wanted the choice to be. Making the decision to transition to van life was in itself a huge step for me. It took me a little longer to fully commit.   But first, let's go a little further back. I have dreamt of van life for years. I have always loved traveling, and the dream began with road-trips with my bestie. We met at 10, quickly claimed each other as sisters, and soon began plotting our adult adventures together. When we finally did reach adulthood, I took a couple wonderful trips with her, but then the dream began to grow. Soon, we were talking of converting a school-bus and traveling together. (You can see my hopes for that dream on my Pinterest board here .) In the end, she had other more immediate goals that took precedence and I downsized my dream to a van as I do not feel comf